Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Seiden Grace...You are EIGHT Months Old!!! (6-19-14)

I can't believe I'm sitting down and writing about my precious angel being 8 months old.  Where in the world has it gone?!?  What I really can't believe is that we are getting closer and closer to her being one.  ONE!!!  I still have the day she was born in my memory as such a vivid picture.  I feel like I remember every little detail like it was just yesterday.  And it was eight months ago.  It makes this momma sad! also makes me so happy because I see how much she is growing, developing, changing, and capturing our hearts even more by every waking moment.  One thing's for sure...we are IN LOVE with this heaven sent gift from God.

We have had a pretty eventful summer so far.  And it has been so fun to be at home with Seiden everyday and love on her and play with her.  I have gotten to see and capture moments of all the things that she's doing.  And let me just say...she has changed SO much in such a short amount of time!  She's still not crawling...but she may just walk and not crawl at all!  She will sit on that cute little bottom of hers and turn herself in complete circles with her feet.  Or, she will scoot where she wants to go on her bottom.  And, if all else fails, she'll teeter over and then roll to wherever she needs to get to!  I have seen her take a few crawls...but she really just prefers other methods of getting around.  The main thing that she wants to do is reach out for your hands and pull on them from a sitting position and stand up.  If we are standing up with her and she's holding onto our hands...she'll take several steps with us.  Like I said...we may be walking and skip crawling all together!

She is definitely quite the little talker!  She tells the BEST stories and just has so much to say all the time.  I love to listen to her talk and babble.  It's the most precious thing ever!  And she just gets so excited with herself!  She'll just be going and going and then all of a sudden let out a really loud squeal and then just giggle and laugh.  Man...I just don't ever want to forget these precious moments.  They are so sweet and just going by way to fast for me!  I just can't believe how much more I fall in love with her everyday.  She really is just the sweetest, best, most fun little baby.  She's a joy to be around and I just can't get enough of her!

There have been lots of fun things we've been doing so far.  We've had play dates with our best friends every Wednesday.  We've gone to CrossFit Abilene and worked out every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  We've gone grocery shopping.  We've gone on runs and walks.  We've gone to see Opa and Bella at their work.  We've gone swimming.  We've swung in our swing outside.  We've gone on LOTS of coffee dates :-)  We've played, and played and played.  We've learned how to use our pincer grasp and pick up puffs and yogurt bites all by our self.  We've started eating big people food.  We've played with our puppies.  We've bounced a lot in our fun jumperoo.  We've cooked yummy meals and delicious desserts.  We've gone to get cupcakes every week at Sweet Life Cupcakes.  We've run a whole bunch of errands.  And we've snuggled and snuggled and snuggled!  Oh man...summer needs to last forever!!!

One thing that we certainly didn't expect to happen, but have certainly said lots of prayers for, was for a hail storm to hit.  It came totally unexpectedly on June 12th at about 5:45 in the afternoon.  There wasn't even a rain chance in the forecast.  Well...ok...maybe like 10%.  But, it had only been a little overcast and SO hot and humid all day.  Cody had gotten home from work a little after 5:00.  So, we decided to take Seiden outside and throw the tennis ball with the dogs before we sat down to dinner around 6:30.  We were sitting out there talking and we had noticed how dark and kinda scary it was looking towards the ACU side of Abilene.  But, we really didn't think much of it.  And then all of a sudden, it started getting chili (for a West Texas summer) and super windy. happened in a matter of less than 5 seconds.  I looked at Cody and said...ugh...we need to get now!  I would have bet money we were about to have to take the mattress off our bed and crawl inside our guest bathroom tub (it's the only room in the house with no window) with Seiden and all three dogs.  Talk about a circus!  3 people and 3 dogs in bathtub with a king size mattress on top of them...thank goodness that didn't even come close to happening!  We shut the TV off, I got Seiden and the dogs inside while Cody pulled all the patio furniture up closer to the house, and then all of a sudden, his phone started ringing off the hook.  He was getting phone calls and texts probably about every 10 seconds from people on the north side saying they were getting baseball size hail.  WHAT?!?!  Then, all of a sudden, the hail came our way.  It was nowhere near what it was on the north side of town.  But, we certainly got some!  It didn't do near the damage on our side like it did either.  It really only hailed for a little bit and then was over.  But, since the hail storm hit, Cody is out of the house before Seiden wakes up and sometimes doesn't get home until after she's gone to bed.  I know it won't be like this forever, but I know it's so hard on him right now.  Aside from the fact that he's pooped out all the time, he's not getting to see Seiden hardly at all.  And...he's working on the weekends.  I hate it for him.  But, I'm so glad that it's summer and my schedule is WAY more flexible and I'm able to love on her and be with her all day.  We are definitely thanking God for this hail storm and for always providing for our family.  He has been so good to us!

One stinky thing that happened this summer has to do with the doctor. guessed it.  Another ear infection :-(  So, now we have to get tubes and I"m so bummed.  But, I know that it will make her feel so much better and stop these dang ear infections from happening.  I also know that the more infections she has, the more damage it can cause her when it comes to her hearing.  And I absolutely don't want that at all.  I just hate that she's going to have to have another surgery.  It makes me sad.  We are going to go see a specialist at Cooks on August 21st.  So, I'm hoping that we can get the surgery scheduled pretty soon after our consultation and have all this behind us.  It will all work out perfectly fine and I know she will be a little rockstar just like she has been from day one.  I just may not be!

Oh, my precious, precious Seiden Grace.  You have no idea just how much I love you and how much more I fall in love with you each and everyday.  I never knew that I could love something so unconditionally.  But, little girl, you have captured my heart in more ways than you will ever know.  You love with all of your precious little self and you just give the best sugars.  I love it when you grab onto my hair or my face and pull me in close for one of your sweet, sweet sugars.  You are so giving with them, and I'm so glad because I can't get enough!  The way you look at me melts my soul.  And when you snuggle up close on my chest and fall asleep, I am in pure heaven.  These precious moments are forever ingrained in my memory and planted on my heart, little princess.  You are growing up too fast on me, but you're developing the most beautiful little personality.  You are so strong, you have so much spunk, you are so loving, you are so happy, and you are mine.  I thank God for you everyday and am still in awe that he chose me to be your mommy.  Your daddy and I love you so very much and we would give you the world on a silver platter in the blink of an eye.  You mean more to us than we will ever be able to put in to words and we just hope and pray that you will always know just how much we love you.  Happy 8 Months Seiden Grace!!!  We love you SO much!!!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Happy 4th Birthday Trigger!

Our spunky, silly, sweet, little Trigger is 4 years old today! She keeps us laughing and is always at the door waiting for us with a wagging tail and sweet puppy kisses. She is Seiden's best buddy and Seiden just gets a kick out of her spunky and sweet personality and especially loves Trigger's kisses. We are so blessed to have this bundle of puppy love who brings so much laughter and love to our lives! We love you Trigg...Happy 4th Bday!!!