Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Happy 4th of July!!! (7-4-14)

Seiden's first 4th of July was pretty low key. Because of the storm, we just decided to stay home and relax.  Actually...Cody had to work about a half day on the 4th.  So, we really couldn't go anywhere anyways!  Since Cody was working, mom, dad, and I took Seiden to the River Oaks Parade that morning.  It was so super sweet.  Lots of kids and families, old cars, little red wagons, a 4th of July clown, balloons, streamers, and lots of other adorable and fun things that Seiden loved watching.  She had a blast watching all the people drive by in cars, on bicycles, all the kids in red wagons, and she also loved listening to all the fun new sounds and people mingling near by.  After the parade, we stopped at Big Country Coffee for the best coffee in Abilene, then headed home to play with Seiden before it was time for her lunch.  After she ate, we played some more and then she went down for a nap.  For dinner, we decided to cook out with our next door neighbors.  So, I started getting everything prepped and ready while the princess was sleeping.  Cody got home about that time and we pretty much spent the rest of the day relaxing and playing with Seiden until dinner.  Dinner was delicious!  Your typical 4th of July BBQ with hamburgers, hot dogs, corn on the cob, sweet potato fries, beans, a salad, watermelon, and a red, white, and blue trifle for dessert.  It was a fun day spent with family and friends with good food and fun festivities!

Now...the day before was also fun-filled with pre-4th of July festivities!  At Seiden's day care, they always do a 4th of July program and then a little parade around the church.  Every class makes a different onesie or shirt and her class's shirt said, "Little Firecracker."  The little baby classes just got to come in the little red buggies and watch the older classes perform their songs.  The pastor of the church (her day care is inside of a church) began by leading the entire day care and audience in prayer, then the kids began their program.  Every class had their own song to sing, which they had been practicing on for a while.  And then they sang one song as an entire group.  Then, it was time to walk around the church and have the little parade.  I went and got Seiden and mom, dad, Cody, and I walked around with her before she went back to class.  They were doing other fun things that day, so I just decided to let her stay for the whole day at school.  Lunch was being served in the same room where the program was held.  It was hot dogs, hamburgers, all the fixings, and chips.  Cody had to go back to work, and mom, dad, and I decided to head down the street and eat at Subway instead.  Mom doesn't eat meat, and I just wasn't in the mood for that.  Especially since I knew we were going to be eating it the following night.  Seiden had a fun day at school and was ready for a little cat nap before our evening excitement!  Our dear friends, Josh and Abbie are expecting a sweet baby in December.  They adopted a precious baby boy in March and then found out a month later they were pregnant with their own!  How fun/crazy is that?!?  They will be exaclty 9 months apart!  Anyways, they were doing their gender reveal through a fireworks show on the 3rd!  How fun is that?!?!?  What perfect timing for them!  Our whole big group of friends and their sweet babies were there to help them celebrate the gender reveal for their precious baby.  Mom and dad came along too!  Cody headed out there a little early and us 4 came out a little bit later.  Since they had to wait until after dark to start the fire work show, mom, dad, and I waited until after I fed Seiden at 8:00 to come out there.  That way, she would be happy and full and enjoy being out there with all of her sweet friends!  After some fun mingling and LaDell's delicious homemade ice cream, it was time to begin!  All the fireworks were lit and then they flew up into the sky to reveal.....BLUE!!!  Another baby boy for the Harrison clan!  Sweet baby Mackie will be the best Christmas present for the sweet Harrison family this year.  And...we can't wait either!  We love you so much!!!  And...Happy 4th of July everyone!!!




NICU Reunion 2014!!! (4-26-14)

Back on April 26th, I know...I'm SO behind on this post, we attended our very first ever NICU Reunion at Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital in Fort Worth.  This was a very sweet reunion for us.  Back on August 5, 2013, when I was 28 weeks pregnant, my doctor told me that Seiden's condition with her cyst was probably going to be a "catastrophic event."  He told us that he was a lot less optimistic about how she would enter this world, meaning we would be doing an EXIT c-section instead of a normal c-section.  And, he told us that we would probably be in the NICU for a minimum of 6 months.  At that appointment, it looked as if the cyst that Seiden was developing on her chin was going to grow so that it would block her esophagus and constrict her trachea.  Therefore, she would not be able to breathe on her own when she entered this world.  The EXIT c-section would be the method for delivery because they would start the c-section just like they would any other c-section.  But, they would first deliver her head, then clamp my uterus so that she was still attached to the umbilical cord and was breathing and thriving off of me.  Then, they would assess her situation and either intubate her or give her a tracheotomy if it was as bad as they thought it was going to be.  However, that was NOT the case.  Our amazing Heavenly Father healed Seiden while she was in my womb, she was still born with the cyst.  But, when she came into this world, it was by a regular c-section, that was actually an emergency c-section because I walked into the hospital dilated to a 10 and ready to push...oops!  I was completely knocked out and Cody couldn't be in the room, but the doctors told us that she came out with a strong, healthy cry and was as healthy as could be.  They went ahead and intubated her, just to make sure that there were no airway constrictions.  And, then the process began to get the cyst remove.  She had MRI's, CAT scans, EKG's, ECHO's, genetic testing, and probably something else I'm forgetting.  Every single test came back showing that the cyst was the only thing that was wrong with her, and it was strictly a cosmetic issue.  It had absolutely nothing to do with any other defect.  Her organs were functioning as they should be, her brain was normal, the genetic testing came back negative.  The only thing that they found, other than the cyst, was what the cardiologist called "speckles" on her heart.  They had no idea what they were and every specialist looked at her tests.  We say that she was just born with glitter on her heart because she's a princess!  Anyways, we went back when she was 2 months old for follow-up tests on her heart and those speckles were gone.  Praise The Lord!

Our Father answered all of our prayers to give us a healthy, perfect, thriving baby girl and to put doctors, nurses, and any other staff in place that would take care of her so that we could take her home and begin our lives with our new little miracle.  We spent 17 days in the NICU.  Days...not months.  And we were surrounded by the most amazing people I've ever met.  Our doctors and nurses have such a special place in our hearts.  They are our family and we love them.  They helped get Seiden, took care of her, watched over her, fed her, bathed her, loved on her, and prayed over her.  They were with us every step of the way encouraging us, giving us the best possible news we could get, holding our hands, laughing with us, crying with us, and just being there for us like no one else could be during those 17 days.  We were so excited to attend the reunion and see all these people's sweet faces again and love on them and let them love on Seiden.  They call her, "Their Girl," and immediately took her from me and showed her off to everyone else that was there.  It was truly one of the most fun days being back their with all of them and being out of the hospital in a fun setting, laughing and talking like old friends.  We love them so much.  And we could never put into words what all they have done for our family and the special place they will always hold in our hearts.

The NICU Reunion's theme this year was, "Homecoming."  So, naturally, we had to go all out with an outfit and stroller decorations!  They have a stroller parade every year, so it had to fit the theme!  I found a cheerleading uniform in Harris's colors, Kelly green, navy, and white.  And I had The Monogrammer, here in Abilene, create a patch in coordinating colors that said, "Harris NICU" and then I had her name embroidered in white on the skirt.  I also got navy bloomers and had her name embroidered in Kelly green on the booty.  I found navy, baby pom poms online and she also had a navy headband with a Kelly green, curly que ribbon. made her a mum which was absolutely adorable and looked so cute!  And for her stroller...I had my 2nd period class help me out with that!  I had 5 girls in that class and they were all cheerleaders.  So...they had GREAT ideas and are very talented at sign making.  They made a sign for her stroller that was adorned in rhinestones, glitter, and sparkles.  And, then I bought balloons and streamers that we attached to the stroller.  We put the mum on the stroller too!  She looked SO cute and her stroller was pretty adorable too.  In fact, she won best dressed out of all the kiddos who attended the NICU Reunion!  That's my girl!!!  We had SO, SO, SO much fun!  It was a fun-filled day with family and sweet friends.  We are already looking forward to next year's reunion!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Seiden Grace...You are TEN Months Old!!! (8-19-14)

10 months...I can't believe that my sweet little newborn is growing more and more into a toddler everyday.  Not that I'm rushing.  Or, even want to say the words "toddler" and "Seiden" in the same sentence for many, many more months.  But, she is just growing up so much and so fast.  I know I'm going to blink and she really will be toddling around, holding our hands.

Everyday, Seiden is doing something new.  And it's been SO fun to watch her grow and develop.  It's even more fun to watch her get so excited when she figures out how to do something new or even comes up with some cute new sounds she's made.  She has learned how to blow bubbles with her mouth, she has learned how to blow on my leg (like I blow on her tummy and make her giggle...the sweetest giggle I might add!), she dances when there's music on TV, one of her toys plays music, or our phones go off and the ringer is a song, she has learned how to clap, she has learned how to play peek-a-boo by putting any type of object over her eyes, she has learned how to raise her hands up in the air when she wants to be cheered for (adorable), favorite...she has learned how to wave!  And...she waves like a little princess or future Miss America!  It's seriously the cutest, sweetest, most precious, dainty wave I've ever seen a baby do and I absolutely LOVE it!

Seiden has also started eating more and more "big" people food.  She sits down at dinner time with us and just gobbles up anything we put on her high chair.  Her favorites are cheese, turkey lunch meat, eggs, waffles, pancakes, Opa's homemade French toast (cause Opa's are the BEST!!!), biscuits, sweet potatoes, potatoes, bananas, avocados, and black bean burgers.  She also has a few not-so-favorites.  Those include, peas, carrots, and yogurt.  Now that she knows and recognizes those three "icky" foods, she will turn her head away or put her hand up if I try to put a bite in her mouth.  Little diva!  She's a good little eater though.  We are still feeding her baby food puree at dinner along with three other times during the day.  And, she still gets a bottle 4 times a day.  Although, she is drinking less and less from them.  She used to drink 6 ounces and now she is drinking 4 ounces (on a good day) at every feeding except the 8:00 bed time bottle.  She gets 7 ounces in that one.  But, even that one she stops drinking before she's finished.  I don't know if it's because she's so full from all the other food she gets throughout the day or if it's because she's teething.

Yep...TEETHING!  I've only been saying she's teething since she's been 4 months old.  No lie.  It's a joke between Cody and my parents.  If she's even the least bit fussy, has an irregular diaper, is drooling a little more than normal, or any other teething symptom, they all go...well Melissa...I bet it's just cause she's teething and then laugh like they've just made the most hilarious joke in the world.  So. Not. Funny!  Well...the joke's on them now.  Because...she really is getting a tooth on the bottom!  And...maybe one on the top.  It's hard to tell because she won't let me stick my finger in her mouth to see.  The only way I knew for sure she was cutting one on the bottom is because she went to gum on arm, it was scratchy!  Now, anytime she does that, you can really feel that little tooth coming in.  And, I have to say, she's a pretty good little teether.  She's had a couple of rough nights.  But, other than that, and her not drinking her bottles as well, she's really not complained or had any hard symptoms.  She's such a good girl!

I just really can't even believe that in two short months we will be celebrating our little princesses first birthday.  It is going by so, so fast.  I just want to freeze time or make at lest slow down a little bit.  I am enjoying every single second of everyday of being her mommy and watching her grow into such a beautiful, smart, fun, hilarious, perfect, healthy, thriving, happy baby girl.  I love her more than words could ever express.  It's truly an unconditional love that overflows in my heart that I could never put into words.  Cody and I are so blessed by her and her sweet, loving spirit.  She is a God-send.  A precious miracle that we get to call ours.  Seiden are loved more than you will ever know.  You fill our days with joy and laughter and we fall more and more in love with you each and everyday.  Happy 10 Months baby girl!!!  We love you!