Monday, January 26, 2015

Happy Halloween From the "Queen Bee!!!"

For Halloween...our little princess was a Queen Bee!!!  Couldn't have been more fitting right?!?  Every day leading up to Halloween...Seiden had a different outfit I had gotten for her that resembled Halloween.  I LOVE holidays and the excuse to dress up special for them just gets me every time!  She looked so cute leading up to Halloween.  But her costume...oh my gosh!  It was SO cute!!!  I got it off of Etsy...shocker!  And it just fit her and her priceless personality so perfectly.  I just love Etsy...and getting one of a kind pieces for the most special little girl on the planet!  Before Halloween, we brought her to the Fall Festival at Blackwell.  We had so much fun going around to all the booths and seeing all my kids.  She didn't wear her Halloween costume to it.  But, my dad had bought her this adorable Halloween outfit with a cute little witch embroidered on the top.  It was a frilly little top with orange ruffles on the sleeves with polka dot leggings that also had orange ruffles on them...SO cute!!!  On Halloween day, they had a carnival at her day care and she had a blast there!   When I picked her up from school, she was pooped.  So, we took a pre-game nap before the trick-or-treating began.  It was pretty chilly on we put some black tights on her, warm black socks over her feet, and bundled her up in blankets, and off we went in her little pink wagon!  She had a BLAST!!!  She loved seeing all the kids, dogs, and just people in general walking around all over the neighborhood.  She would just laugh and talk and clap her was precious.  Our sweet neighbor had a special little bag made up just for her.  It was filled with some glow sticks, yummy candy, and a sucker...which Seiden LOVED!  We have the best neighbors!  Mom and dad got her a special Halloween basket filled with books and snacks and a pumpkin stuffed animal.  And...we also got her a special goody bag with snacks, a bib, a lovie, some Halloween socks, and an outfit.  I think this little Queen Bee made out pretty good on Halloween!!!



PS...the first three pictures were taken by Megan Gibbs of MDG Photography.  She's wonderfully amazing at what she does!  And...she's just as sweet and fun to be around too.  Love this precious girl and her amazing work!

Friday, January 23, 2015

Seiden Grace's First Easter!!! (4-20-14)

OMG!  I can't believe I never wrote this post! mommy brain.  I guess it's better late than never right?!?  I obviously can't recall a whole bunch of details from Easter.  So...I'll just give the highlights!  Before church, we showed Seiden what the Easter bunny had left for her.  He got her a bunny stuffed animal with her name monogrammed on the inside of one of the ears, a new Wubbanub bunny paci, a little bunny stuffed animal, a lovie, a new sippy cup, and a Easter book.  The Easter bunny was very good to Seiden!  He even brought her her present in a princess Easter sweet!  We went to church that morning with my parents and brother.  Seiden looked like a little doll in her beautiful pink dress with flowers and sequins on it.  She also wore the shoes that I came home from the hospital in as her Easter shoes...precious!  After church, we came home so Seiden could nap and I could pump.  Man...that was SO long ago!  We decided to just cook a big Easter lunch at home.  So, I made the ham, stuffing, sweet potato quinoa side dish, and dessert.  Mom made green beans and mashed potatoes.  We had a spread for sure!  Lunch was so yummy and Seiden was a gem.  So happy and my precious angel baby princess!  The Easter bunny also visited Seiden at my parent's house. Because a huge basket full of goodies just happened to appear on our counter when my parents came over for lunch. It has so many goodies in it! Easter bunny stuffed animals in the softest pink plush, 2 outfits with matching socks and hair bows and a matching blanket, a Noggin stick, Easter books, and 2 extra pink hair bows! Such a sweet Easter bunny.  When lunch was over and the leftovers were all put away and the kitchen was cleaned up, we watched The Bible on the History channel.  They had all 5 episodes playing all day long.  So, we rewatched it together!  We pretty much just lounged around the rest of the day and enjoyed the time together as a family and rejoiced in the fact that Jesus rose again and is alive and here on this earth.  He is risen...He is risen indeed!!!