Monday, December 8, 2014

October 19, 2014 - ONE Year Old!!!

Birthdays have always been a HUGE deal in my family. this day...August is my birthday month.  I don't just get one day...I get the whole month.  Yep...that's how special my parents made our birthdays.  They made you feel like the entire month was dedicated just for you.  We had birthday traditions and celebrations that were just so special and sweet.  To this day, my parents and Cody, make my birthday so very special.'s no secret that I want Seiden to grow up the same way and have wonderful, special, and amazing birthday traditions.  Her birthday party was so much fun, for all of us.  Traditions are so much fun.  They have so many special memories attached to them and I just want Seiden to always know the fun and joy of them.  And...for her to get to experience extra special things on the day that is all her own.

On Seiden's birthday, I went and got her birthday donuts for breakfast!  I always wake up a couple of hours before Seiden gets up.  One, so I can get a couple of things done while the house is still quite and not bustling.  And, two, because I enjoy sitting on the couch with my fur babies catching up on The Vampire Diaries while watching the sunrise before everyone else wakes up.  So, when I left to get Seiden donuts, she was still sound asleep.  I left the monitor on, turned it up so Cody could hear it, and went to Jack and Jill for some birthday donuts.  I also got a couple of chocolate glazed ones for Cody and a half dozen donut holes to split between the fur babies.  For Seiden, I got a white iced sprinkled donut and a blueberry cake donut.  When I got home, she was still sound asleep (it wasn't even no surprise there!).  So, I went in our room and turned off the monitor and then I gave our fur babies their little treat from the donut shop.  They, of course, loved them!  Such sweet babies to share in Seiden's birthday breakfast :-)

About 7:30, I heard the sweetest little voice "talking" to her stuffed animals in her crib.  I peeped in her room and there she sat holding her bunny and just babbling to it.  I stood there and watched her for a few minutes.  I stand over her a lot and watch her sleep.  She just looks so angelic and is so peaceful and relaxed.  But, it was so cute to watch her just sit in he crib and be content and play with her stuffed animals.  At one point, she was rocking her bunny.  Which, she does a lot with her baby dolls and stuffed animals.  It was just so sweet to peep in on her when she had no idea I was there.  But, then, she saw me.  And, I got the biggest smile, giggle, and excited squeal out of her.  It was so sweet.  She popped right up, had her hands on the railing of her crib, and was bouncing up and down.  I walked right up to her reached in to get her and her sweet, little arms reached up for me.  She wrapped her arms around my neck and I just squeezed her.  I took in her sweet smell, kissed her soft little cheek, buried my nose in her neck, and we just stood there and swayed back and forth for a good minute or two.  She was so content to be in my arms and all snuggled in.  I will never forget this moment on her very first birthday.  I didn't get to hold her the day she was born.  In fact, I didn't get to hold her until she was 12 days old.  I know she doesn't remember that, but I do.  And anytime she just wants me hold her, I will do it until my arms fall off.  I have carried her around the house while cooking, cleaning, changing clothes, brushing my teeth, feeding the dogs, etc.  Cody offers to take her when he's home.  But, I never want him to unless it's dangerous or I'm about to take a shower or something.  I've never said it out loud, but maybe that's why I don't mind it so much.  I know it was only 12 days, but they were long.  And just being in the moment in her room on her first birthday with her in my arms when it was just us two was just about the most perfect and sweetest way to start off celebrating her first birthday.

I got her all changed and ready to eat some of her nutritious birthday breakfast.  She was super excited when she saw her birthday donuts.  The girl loves her some carbs and sweets!  I still had the "I Am One" sign on her high it was so fitting that she sit in that and eat her birthday breakfast.  I thought about getting some chocolate milk for her to try.  But...I didn't want to go overboard.  Or for her to get a stomach ache...or be on some crazy sugar high!  She ate about a half of the blueberry cake donut and a little more than a fourth of the sprinkled one.  I'd say that was a pretty successful dent in both of those donuts!  The girl can eat :-)  She also drank a ton of she got some vitamins and nutrients added in there.  Oh...she also shared some of her donuts with the puppies.  She thinks it's hilarious to feed them.  She thinks it's even more funny to try to be sneaky about it when she thinks you're not looking.  Oh my!  After breakfast, Cody was still asleep, so we marched across the street to see Opa and Bella and play over there for a bit before her morning nap.  My dad makes an egg for her every morning.  And on her birthday, it was no different!  I thought she might not be hungry since she had just devoured those donuts.  But, she proved me wrong.  She didn't eat it all, but she at about half.  Then, we played for about 30 minutes before heading home.  Cody was up when we got home and had all her fun, new toys out for her to play with.  We played with her until about 9 when she started getting sleepy.  So, we laid her down for her morning nap and she slept until her Auntie Chrissy, Richard, Airicka, Eli, and Aaron came over for a visit and to give her her birthday present.

When I went in to wake her up, she had the craziest nap hair!  It was everywhere!  I brought her around the corner and she was excited to see everyone.  Plus...I had to show them her nap cute!  After her diaper change, we went in the living room and played with everyone for a little bit.  Auntie Chrissy and her family were heading back to Del Rio because Aaron had a soccer game at we hung out with them and played before they headed home.  They got her an adorable Cabbage Patch baby doll that she got so excited about and was rocking after we got it opened for her.  Then, she and Aaron played and we got to visit for a little bit.  It was nice to just hang out and relax after being so crazy busy the day before with her birthday party going on!  We got to spend about 30 minutes catching up while the kids played.  Then, it was time for them to head back to Del Rio so they could make it back in time for Aaron's soccer game.  And...we had lunch reservations at Perini's at 11:30!!!  YUMMY!!!!!

We couldn't think of a better place to celebrate Seiden's first birthday than by taking her to lunch at the best steakhouse on the planet.  It was also my Mimi's 91st birthday...she and Seiden are birthday partners!  She loves Perini's too and doesn't get to eat there very often.  So, it was the perfect place for two very special birthday girls!  Everything at Perini's is heavenly.  But, their Sunday buffet is something to make a special trip out there for...for anything!  We ordered Seiden a grilled cheese and I ordered their mesquite grilled chicken off their regular menu.  Everyone else had the buffet...and dessert of course!  Lunch was to die for...duh!!!  And...when we were walking out to our cars...the longhorns were up by the fence.  Michael works out there and was saying how friendly they were...except for one.  And, wouldn't you know that that was the one that was closest to the fence?!?  We got pretty close and realized really quickly that he was definitely not the friendliest of the bunch.  He was stopping and shaking his head at us.  But, he was just so pretty.  We got as close as we could to him and snapped a few pics before heading home.  The birthday princess was sound asleep by the time we got home.  So, she took a good, long afternoon nap before our evening festivities!

After Seiden wok up from her nap, we took her out to the pumpkin patch.  We had already been out there once.  But, we didn't get any pumpkins.  Plus, we thought it would be fun to go out there as a family and get some pictures of her on her birthday and with all of us.  We picked out 3 pumpkins to represent Cody, me, and Seiden.  And, we got 3 little baby pumpkins to represent our sweet fur babies.  Seiden loved the pumpkin patch and seeing all the other kids out there.  It was a fun family trip and we got some adorable pictures of her out there!

We didn't really have big dinner plans.  Honestly, we had so much food left over from the party, we just decided to make leftovers out of them.  So, after we got home, Seiden played with all her new toys for a little while and we just sat back and watched her have the best time.  My parents came over to eat with us and Seiden had a ball eating all kinds of yummy food.  She gobbled up sausage balls, little smokies, cheese, turkey, carrots, and of course, TONS of her cake and cupcakes!  Little girl LOVES to eat...and can eat a ton!  After dinner, we let Seiden open up the special presents we had gotten her.  She obviously had some presents to open up at her party from us, my parents, and my brother.  But...we HAD to get her something extra special that she would always have to remember turning one year old.  Cody and I thought and thought and thought about what to get her.  We wanted to get her something that she would always have and could keep forever or pass down someday.  Over the summer, I called Busch Jewelers and talked to Ed about what to get her and some ideas I had.  He suggested something that I completely fell in love with.  We got her a tiny white gold ring with one tiny diamond mounted on the center of the band.  It is absolutely gorgeous.  Perfect, dainty, and completely perfect for such a special little girl.  My parents, brother, and Mimi got her a gorgeous James Avery charm bracelet and they each picked out a different charm to go on it.  Something that she will also have forever and can add to it someday.  We also got her a Build-A-Bear that Amie (my BFF from college and the best SIS ever!!!), my mom, and I made her over the summer.  I actually meant to have it wrapped for her to open at her party and didn't even remember to get it out of my secret present hiding place until Amie mentioned it as she and her mom and precious baby Holden when they were leaving her party.  Total mommy fail!!!  Thanks sis for reminding me or I probably would have forgotten all together! Haha!!!  I think it's safe to say that our little princess had a fabulous Royal Princess birthday party and a very special day on her birthday filled with love and family.

Seiden Grace...I hope you know how very special you are to us.  From the day you were born, you have completed our family and filled our hearts with more love than you will ever know.  You have been through so much in your precious little life and you have conquered it all.  You have beat the odds, crushed expectations, overcome more obstacles in one year than many of us do our whole lives, proven the power of prayer to be unstoppable, brought people closer to God, and you are a testimate to God's miraculous healing.  You are stronger than anyone I know and your will and determination simply amaze me.  You are the most perfect little girl and I am in complete and utter awe of you.  I am beyond thankful that God chose me to be your mommy.  I hope that you will always know that I am here for you and I will do anything for you.  But more than  that, I hope you know that your heavenly Father created you and loves you and He will meet your every need and be there for you in ways that you couldn't even imagine.  Your Father created you for greatness and I know you are destined to do marvelous things for His Kingdom.  I am so proud of you and I just can't tell you enough how much love my heart holds for you.  You bless me more than you will ever know and that I could ever put in to words.  Thank you so much for being our little princess and for coming into this world and changing our lives forever.  We love you SO much!!!  Happy First Birthday Seiden Grace!!!






Thursday, November 20, 2014

Princess Seiden's First Birthday Party!!!

My precious princess had her very first birthday party on October 18, 2014!!!  When I began thinking about her first birthday (back when she was 2 months lie!), I knew that I wanted to do a princess themed birthday party.  We have called her our little princess long before she was born.  And, it is no lie that she reigns our house!  I wanted her first birthday party to be so special and so completely perfect, so I started planning after I decided on a theme and Cody agreed that a princess party was ever so perfect for Seiden.  I knew that I wanted to do pink, but pink with what?!?  I had seen some beautiful color palettes on Pinterest.  I did countless searches for pink princess parties, pink party decor, and pink first birthday parties.  And then one day, it just hit me.  Pink and gold!  A perfectly soft pink with a beautiful, regal gold would be the perfect color palette for a very special little girl.  Everything, down to the very last detail, was pink and gold.  My very talented, and so amazingly wonderful momma helped me plan and craft this entire party.  We had several things that weren't gold; candlesticks, picture frames, a 3 tiered serving piece, papercraft letters that spelled out "SEIDEN," "ONE," and "1" that my mom spray painted gold with a gold glitter overlay.  She made two beautiful pink peony nosegays that went on top of the gold candlesticks, a mesh pink and gold wreath with pink and gold glitter swirly picks, a "1," and a sign that said, "princess of everything," she also found an adorable pink and gold carriage that she adorned with sweet little pink flowers that set on the sofa table.  We decorated the entire front porch, entry way, living room, and kitchen for the party.  The wreath went on the front door and I ordered a personalized birthday banner from Embroi De Les Designs on Etsy that went on the little flag stake I keep in the flower bed outside.  The entry table and sofa tables were dedicated to picture tables of our beautiful birthday princess.  I had pictures printed out from a sonogram pics all the way up to the beautiful one year photos the amazing Megan Gibbs took of MDG Photography (check her out on Facebook!).  The mantle was decorated with 30...yes and gold tissue poms hanging from the ceiling (my sweet daddy hung them all the night before her only took an hour and a half!), her name in gold glitter on the mantle along with the two nosegay arrangements, a sign that said, "Your birthday is the happiest day of my life," and an 8X10 canvas print of her during her cake smash photo shoot.  I also had a birth to one year photo banner made that hung on the mantel as well.  I had a pink and gold tablecloth made for the kitchen table where her big cake, pink thumbprint cookies, red velvet, vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry cupcakes frosted in pink with gold sprinkles (all from Creative Cakes and were simply amazing!), and milk bottle glasses (from Starbucks frapuccinos) with gold damask straws were displayed.  I found a recipe for a pink drink that was sprite and raspberry sherbet mixed together that we put in our drink vase.  The buffet was turned into the candy buffet for favors.  We used our fish bowl containers that we also used for the candy buffet at our wedding for the candy.  All the candy was in gold wrappers!  I found pink damask party favor bags at Michaels and mom had a random container that we spray painted gold that we used for the container for the favor bags.  And, then we put the "ONE" in gold glitter spray paint on that table too.  Above the buffet were banners that said, "Happy 1st Birthday Seiden."  Her highchair, we borrowed from my parents house (it was actually mine and Michael's old high chair from when we were babies), it had a banner on it that said, "I Am One" and that's where she did her cake cute!  All the banners, I had made off an Etsy shop called, A Sweet Celebration, that just turned out so perfect and beautiful.  I also had printables made from two different shops on Etsy.  The birthday sign and birthday poster were from The Prettiest Print Shop.  And the invitations, thank you notes, and water bottle labels all came from Amy's Simple Designs.  We just wanted to have finger foods at the party.  So I just made a ham, turkey, and cheese tray, a veggie tray, a fruit tray, chips and queso, and then my dad made sausage balls, and cocktail weenies.  The food was a hit and we hardly had any left!!!  And...let me tell you about her birthday party outfit!  I ordered if off Etsy...shocker!  It is from an amazing shop called Lil Abbe.  This amazing lady named, Wendy, makes every single item by hand and the designs and quality of her work is flawless.  We messaged back and forth a billion times and she was always so fast to answer my messages and so willing to help make Seiden's birthday outfit more perfect than I could ever imagine.  She is simply wonderful!  If you have anything coming up that you need a special outfit for...go check her out!  She also made a romper for her to wear for her actual birthday that was monogrammed and appliqued to perfection!  And...she made me, Cody, and my mom matching shirts to wear for the party!  Megan came and took pics of her party so that we could have the whole day captured, but still be able to enjoy it and be in the moment at the party.  Megan is should hire her for everything...seriously!  Everything turned out perfect and beautiful and was just so much fun!

And Seiden...she was just a perfect, happy, excited, little birthday girl!  She laughed and played and ate cake...lots of cake!  She was so excited when everyone sang happy birthday to her and just giggled and clapped her hands.  She was in the BEST mood and seriously had a ball the entire time.  All her best friends were there to make her day extra special.  She is just so amazing.  I can't believe I'm her mommy.  I can't believe that when I look into those big blue eyes of hers, I am staring into the most perfect miracle God could ever give me.  I just love her so much.  Cody and I both just talk about how wonderful and perfect and funny and sweet and strong she is every. single. day.  We didn't know that our family was missing anything until we had her.  And now, we are celebrating her turning one.  One year of our lives that have included many firsts.  Lots of scares, concerns, worries, praises, rejoicing, laughing, embracing, unforgettable moments all rolled up into 365 of the best days of our lives and it's all because of one little girl.  One little birthday princess that we celebrate everyday, but on this day, we rejoiced more and relished in the fact that we are here.  We are at home, with a ridiculously decorated house, a beautiful birthday outfit, and one perfect little girl who's giggle, smile, eyes, and entire being have changed our lives and shown us what a miracle really looks like, how the power of prayer truly works, and how God's unfailing love have brought us to celebrating our angel turning one.  ONE.  I can't believe she's one and I'm writing this post about her first birthday.  I can't tell you how emotional it is to be able to celebrate this day and wrap our arms around our perfect daughter who's smile lights up a room.  Our little birthday princess...I hope you know just how very special you are.  I hope that you will always know and feel the love we have for you.  I hope you know that we celebrate your beautiful life everyday, and that on your birthday, we are completely rejoicing and thanking God for giving us the biggest blessing and most amazing miracle in you.  I pray that you grow into a beautiful woman of God who will do great things for His Kingdom and bring light into this world.  We love you so much Princess Seiden Grace!  Happy FIRST Birthday!!!